Product information


ClimaCheck onsite   

      ClimaCheck PA Pro III Portable Performance Analyser 

      ClimaCheck onsite Performance analysing software

      ClimaCheck Quick Connection Module

      ClimaCheck PA Pro III onsite prestanda analysator 

     ClimaCheck PA Pro III Portable Performance Analyser  

ClimaCheck online

      ClimaCheck online monitoring hardware

      ClimaCheck online services

      ClimaCheck online services  

       ClimaCheck online services

 ClimaCheck concom

      ClimaCheck Concom  

      ClimaCheck Concom  

 Test rig

       ClimaCheck PA Pro TII Test Rig
A short description of the essentials for the ClimaCheck PA Pro TII for OEM usage with basic technical description and examples of possible accessories.

IoT Gateways 

      ClimaCheck IoT Gateway NX400

      ClimaCheck Modbus/TCP Gateway

 Meters and sensors

    Power meter – EP Pro Scout 

    Power meter –EM24 DIN for fixed and split core transformers (0-5 A) max 680V

  • Current Transformers – CTD1X for EM24
  • Current Transformers – CTD3X for EM24

   Power meter – EM210 DIN for snap on and Rogowski (0-333mV) max 400V

   Pressure Transmitters with Schrader opener and Teflon seal.

   Temperature sensors – PT1000

   Temperature sensors – 1-wire

   Humidity and temperature – KLH 100 RH Sensor

   Vibration Sensor VIX-OEM

Wireless Sensors

Base station – FLTA Base Station
Wireless Repeater – FLREP – outdoor
Wireless Repeater – FLREP – indoor
Humidity & temperature Transmitter – KLUFL – wireless outdoor
Humidity & temperature Transmitter – TEFL-RH – wireless indoor
Temperature Transmitter – TEUFL – wireless outdoor

Products used for previous ClimaCheck performance analysers

       Current Clamp 100:1 A (400 100)
for current transformer clamp 400 100 – 100:1 A

       Current Clamp 250/500/1000:5 A (400 112)
for 400 112 – Current transformer clamp 250/500/1000:5 A.





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