Level 2

Advanced use of ClimaCheck and optimisation.

Focus on advanced use of ClimaCheck and optimisation of systems for those who has practical experience from a number of measurements and want to develop the skills to measure and analyse more complex systems. Focus is on analyses, optimisation and reporting rather than ClimaCheck hard- and software. After the training participants can adapt data collection and analyses to processes to “special templates” and benchmark. Prior experience of ClimaCheck and Level 1 is required to participate in Level 2.

Competence is the key for the future professionals to lead the change

ClimaCheck offer an innovative methodology to reduce operational cost of air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems through improve energy efficiency and reduce failure rates. ClimaCheck is the world leader of performance analysing and offer solutions for performance analysing and early warning of refrigeration processes used both for energy audits and 24/7 cloud-based monitoring. To know the performance of these systems that consume 15-20% of the electricity produced globally is necessary to make them efficient. With increasing energy costs and focus on global warming, the RAC industry is facing new demands from customers with their major energy use in HVACR equipment and the high maintenance cost often associated with them. There is also an increased focus on Measuring and Verification (M&V), as well as early warning to achieve maximum reliability to reduce loss of perishable goods, production capacity and to avoid bad will with tenants and guests due to failing temperatures.

To maintain temperature is critical but maintaining temperature alone is no longer sufficient. ClimaCheck Performance Analyser is state-of-the-art for true performance analysis of all types of compressor cooling systems and is becoming part of the everyday work for contractors, consultants and equipment owners across the world.

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