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ETC Group – Banner Ironwood ClimaCheck Case Study

– 200,000* kWh annually
– $20,000* annually
– 10% to 20% savings per chiller  

*expected savings

    Svensk Geoenergi NR 2 2017 , p.22     

– “Det är ofta SI och Så med mätning och uppföljning”, text by : Jörgen Olsson

Article 1ClimaCheck system reduces guesswork in air-conditioning inspections 

Article about ClimaCheck in Building Sustainable Design, December 2008

Article2Energy Optimisation Potential through Improved Onsite Analysing Methods in Refrigeration

by John.Arul Mike Prakash
Master of Science Thesis
Masters Program in Sustainable Energy Engineering 2006, Department of Energy Technology
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden.

article3EWS ‘tune up’ cuts energy losses and reduces carbon emissions

Press release from Eaton-Williams about ClimaCheck, October 2008

article4Portland rooftop units

Washington County analyzes their AC units to save energy.

article5Report IEA Konferens Las Vegas 2005

Methods and potential for on-site performance validation of air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems.

Article6Refrigeration Product of the Year

Article about ClimaCheck being selected as Refrigeration Product of the Year in the UK 2009.


Walnut Street case.



De kapar den svettiga kylnotan

ClimaCheck är en av finalisterna i E-prize 2017.

CaptureWWFClimaCheck WWF_Climate_Solver_Press release 2011-10-19

ClimaCheck named one of four Climate Solvers 2011 by the World Wide Fund for Nature, WWF

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