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To ensure the quality of services supplied through our partner network, ClimaCheck work with training and certification of partners to enhance the capabilities and quality of people involved in maintenance, inspections and monitoring of refrigeration processes.

Certification from ClimaCheck Training is required to be listed as ClimaCheck Partner.

Be a part of the global change!

ClimaCheck’s deep commitment to training is reflected in the fact that its global network of competent professionals is growing continuously as the company trains and educates more experts from around the world every year.

It doesn’t matter whether you work onsite, for example in optimisation, or offsite as, say, a teacher or trainer, we can offer the training you need.

By sharing our vast knowledge of performance analysis, ClimaCheck ensures organisations are able to take advantage of modern working practices to save energy.

ClimaCheck has a unique way of working – harnessing the “Internal Method” – a pioneering approach based on thermodynamics for performance analysis and energy monitoring of air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems. Information from the ClimaCheck analysis allows you to work with HVACR systems in completely new ways.

By continuously analysing performance, it is possible unlock the power of energy optimisation, early warnings and predictive maintenance in ways that aren’t always possible, cost efficient or practical using conventional methods.

To help take advantage of all the possibilities our method offers, we are working actively to raise awareness and knowledge around HVACR systems to help mitigate our industry’s negative impact on the environment.

In the ClimaCheck network, we offer training all around the world, from entry courses to advanced deep dives into technology that increases energy efficiency while, at the same time, increasing plant reliability, reducing equipment wear and cutting operating expenses.

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Participate in a Level 1 or Level 2 training course or contact us for a custom training for your company:

Our distribution partners and 3rd party training partners offer training as well.

Level 1

This training includes:

  • The basics of ClimaCheck hardware and software.
  • Measuring & verification with ClimaCheck on basic HVACR systems.
  • How to use and interpret results, and create reports based on system performance

This training can be done without experience of ClimaCheck system / analysis.

Level 2

This training is for those who have practical experience of measurements with ClimaCheck and want to enhance their skills to measure, analyse and optimise complex HVACR systems.

The course focuses on:

  • Predictive maintenance and early warnings
  • Troubleshooting, optimisation and reporting

Completion of Level 1 is necessary to do this training.

On-Demand Training

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Level 1 On-Demand Training

You can find HVCAR systems all around the world, and we have trainings for most time zones to train technicians and engineers even if they are from the other side of the world. If non of our times are suitable we have the level 1 training available On-Demand, which consists of nine online video sessions.

The nine sessions can be done in your tempo (On-Demand) and afterwards (or during) you can connect to an expert at ClimaCheck to ask questions.

If you have questions you can contact

Price 195€ per participant

International Training

Once a year we have our International Training where we gather experts from all around the world. Guest talkers from the ClimaCheck network will participate and have trainings within their fields.

Turing the training will guide the participants through practical and theoretical training sessions and exchange experience for two days.

For more information, email:

External Training Partners

Several of our distributors and other training institutes offers trainings focused on or including ClimaCheck competencies.

We assist with customised “train the trainer” programs to support training institutes that want to add training in performance analytics and the “internal method”. These are adapted earlier experience of trainers.

For more information, email:

Training and event calendar

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