Increase energy efficiency to lower your energy costs with an award-winning solution

Our proven solutions enables energy optimisation in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems which leads to 10-30% energy saving, while also contributing to increased plant reliability, reduced equipment wear and lower operating costs.

Our Solutions

Energy Optimisation

ClimaCheck pinpoints savings and validates optimisation measures which ensure Energy Efficiency

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Predictive Maintenance

Long before failures and energy bills increase, ClimaCheck identifies the problem

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System Efficiency Index

SEI and sub efficiencies highlight deviation from optimal performance and allow benchmarking

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Millions of data points are analysed with ClimaCheck every day

Environmental responsibility with ClimaCheck

15-20% of the world’s total energy consumption is used by air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems

HVACR systems are used everywhere for cooling food and other perishable goods, air conditioning and dehumidification, as well as for heating with heat pumps. For equipment owners, these these systems often represents 40-60% of the total energy cost.

Unbiased and verified method

Measure performance of any air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump system

With The ClimaCheck Method – a proven, tested and award-winning method – you can measure the performance of any air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems cost-effectively.

Our solutions help you take effective action

Detect deviations in HVACR systems

ClimaCheck Online

Use ClimaCheck online to continuously analyse and monitor the performance of your HVACR system.

ClimaCheck Onsite

ClimaCheck is a well-proven platform to validate performance and troubleshoot air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems.

ClimaCheck Services

We offer a wide range of services and support, from training of operating staff and experts to in-depth analyses to identify optimisation opportunities and weaknesses to avoid failures.

Energy optimisation projects

ClimaCheck’s innovative solutions bring benefits to all types of air conditioning refrigeration and heat pump systems

  • Hospitals

    Banner Health Turnkey MBCx

    To eliminate performance drift and proactively address energy savings on a broader level, Banner and ClimaCheck partner, ETC Group created a system that would be replicated across Banner’s facilities.

  • Ice rinks

    Ice rink in Nacka Municipality

    A drastic energy saving was achieved where daily energy use decreased from 4 100 kWh to 2 500 kWh (39%) which allowed extending opening from 258 to 315 days (22%) the optimisation resulted in a reduced carbon footprint of 219 metric tons.

  • Retail

    COOL-SAVE – Energy audit report and energy saving strategies

    Measurements show that performance and reliability can be significantly improved by low or relatively low cost measurements as listed below. Several of the measures are required to ensure reliability and life time expectancy of the system but will significantly improve the performance as well.

Trusted solution

Partners & Distributors

ClimaCheck work actively with our partners to deliver local support and competence. Together with our distributors, we train partners in performance analysis, optimisation and troubleshooting of air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems.

Robert Lauth
Compact Kältetechnik GmbH

”We can map the complete workings of a unit at the heart of the cycle, look inside it and see what’s going on. ”

Desiderio Rubio
Service Manager, Johnson Controls

”We’ve discovered that purchasing this system has been a very profitable investment and our engingeers like using it during their daily work.”

Markus Bunse
Delta Condition GmbH & Co KG

”….We’ve measured units and encounted unusual results processes that we know from the laws of physics – but the partial situation can be seen in a way I’ve never seen it before and with a degree of precision that I’d not encountered”

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Our proven solution increase energy efficiency by 10-30% and reduce maintenance costs in any air conditioning, refrigeration or heat pump system!