Our method

With the ”Internal Method”, energy costs as well as negative environmental effects can be reduced

The Internal Method was invented by ClimaCheck’s founder, Klas Berglof. It’s based on thermodynamics, which differs from – and is better than – conventional methods in many ways.

“To measure is to know”

Conducting performance analysis based on the “Internal Method” enables ClimaCheck and our partners as well as equipment owners, to work efficiently with predictive maintenance and energy optimisation, on any air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump system. It also makes it possible to monitor and analyse performance on a component level.

ClimaCheck evaluates the collected data points in real time, giving the user accurate information of how the HVACR system is working and where there are inefficiencies. This makes it easy to troubleshoot and perform adjustments that will increase energy efficiency.

ClimaCheck documenting of the performance of the cooling process is independent of input from the system or component suppliers and is therefore completely neutral and unbiased.

Energy Optimisation

ClimaCheck pinpoints savings and validates optimisation measures which ensure Energy Efficiency

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Predictive Maintenance

Long before failures and energy bills increase, ClimaCheck identifies the problem

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System Efficiency Index

SEI and sub efficiencies highlight deviation from optimal performance and allow benchmarking

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Our method helps you to reduce energy costs and negative environmental effects resulting in more satisfied customers!

The Internal Method

The “Internal method” can be used for commissioning, inspections, troubleshooting, maintenance, monitoring and in energy optimisation projects. It is based on thermodynamic analysis of the vapour compression process and has proven to be a cost-effective method to optimise systems in thousands of air conditioning and refrigeration plants around the world.

The Internal Method eliminates the need for costly installation of flow meters and provides more detailed performance information, not only on the system level but also component by component. The method can measure performance with an accuracy of +/-5%.

By installing ClimaCheck for performance analysis as a stand-alone monitoring system or integrated in SCADA/BMS systems, the information from the “Internal Method” adds automated fault detection and diagnostics (AFFD) capacity. This allows early warnings to be sent if compressors, heat exchangers, charge or expansion devices deviate from their expected performance parameters.

Learn the benefits of predictive maintenance in our guide

  • Fewer failures and less downtime
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions