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  • Tougher times requires effective actions!

    Based on thousands of analysed systems, we know that it is possible to save 10-30% in most air Conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump (HVACR) system. Making it one of the lowest hanging fruits for energy savings in many buildings.

  • World Refrigeration Day 2022 – 26th June

    ClimaCheck have optimised thousands of systems during the years, and it is from all these systems we know that it usually is possible to save 10-30%, by using information form performance analysis to optimise the system.

  • ClimaCheck wish you an amasing midsummer!

    On Friday it is midsummer in Sweden and our office […]

  • “How much can we save?”

    Is the million-dollar question, and it is actually very hard […]

  • Career Energy Optimisation ClimaCheck

    ClimaCheck On-Demand Training (Level 1)

    Every year the ClimaCheck network grows, and we are all […]

  • Webinar: 24 of May, 1600 CET

    Join us for one hour to learn: How to strengthen […]

  • ”Business as usual” bromsar energiomställningen!

    Baserat på tusentals mätningar och optimerade system kan vi konstatera […]

  • Price adjustment

    From 1 July 2022 we will adjust our price list. […]

  • Thank you for downloading our guide

    Thank you for downloading our guide. An email has been […]

  • How to save energy by understanding the difference on data and information.

    When it comes to monitor and analyse performance of Refrigeration, […]

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