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Frequently Asked Questions

I´m about to measure a chiller with a subcooler. What do I need to have with me on site?2023-11-27T11:20:18+01:00

Go to “Flowcharts and Templates”. Here you will find the required equipment for most different units. In the case of a sub-cooler, you will need a template, 8 temperature sensors, 2 pressure transmitters and a power meter.

Compressor efficiency is 95%, it seems high?2022-06-13T15:43:11+02:00

If the compressor efficiency is unreasonably high, it is because errors in the measurement or if the compressor has an active cooling. Active cooling can be a fan, water or oil cooling or liquid injection. It may also be a result of liquid refrigerant in the suction line of which boils and cools the compressor. For stable operation and without cooling, compressor efficiency for the most efficient compressors have a compressor efficiency of appr. 75%.

Do I need to measure flow on the secondary side to get the COP?2022-06-13T15:42:33+02:00

No, the ClimaCheck method gives COP, heating – and cooling capacity, Compressor Efficiency etc without any flow measurement. By using the temperature and pressure measurements, most cooling processes using thermodynamic data for refrigerants and energy laws are analysed.

I have a portable device. Can I measure and analyse all types of plants?2022-06-13T15:41:36+02:00

In principle, any system can be measured but for complex systems this normally requires additional sensors and specialized information. As standard you can measure a lot of different plants. For example, a circuit with the condenser, heat exchanger or suction gas heat exchanger changer. PC-templates for these units are included as standard ClimaCheck portable devices but sent upon request to ensure that the correct model is used for different systems. Units with two circuits require more sensors. To see what accessories you need for a given circuit, go to “Templates & Flowcharts”.

Does ClimaCheck work on transcritical CO2 systems?2022-06-13T15:40:59+02:00

Absolutely. We have extensive experience in measuring transcritical units and supplies for new construction and field measurements in particular the retail market since 2009. The measurements are of great help in such commissioning and troubleshooting. Contact us for more information.

What are the benefits with ClimaCheck Online?2023-11-27T11:20:40+01:00

With ClimaCheck online you can from any Internet browser to go in and analyse your plant. ClimaCheck sends data over the Internet to our server where the analysis is done. Therefore, no software is required. In ClimaCheck Online, energy statistics and reports are included. Here, the plant owners can easily see how much energy the plant uses and there are also features that reflects historical energy consumption which gives a good indication of how the system is optimized.

Learn more about ClimaCheck Online here.

I measure the electrical input of a residential heat pump and I believe the value is not correct?2022-06-13T15:38:57+02:00

The current clamps supplied with portable equipment have a measurement error of up to 3% in the range 20-100 A. Below 20 A, the accuracy is poor, and we recommend to use fixed current transformers instead. With an input power of 3 kW electrical output of the measurement error can be above 10%, which affects the cooling- and heating capacity with the same error, while the COP value is not affected.

Is it possible to monitor different equipment from the same client, located at the same place at the same time, using single ClimaCheck equipment?2022-06-13T15:35:58+02:00

Each ClimaCheck central unit “PA Pro” has 8 pressures and 8 temperatures on board and can be expanded with additional modules most common is the RTD04 with 4 temp. These are connected to the central unit with a “telephone cable” so they are easy to extend to get x*4 temp at some distance. This said wiring is expensive so distances put some limits on cost effectiveness. If you have two chillers close to each other it is clear you normally would connect these to one PA Pro. If they would be 50-100 m apart you would typically use 2 PA Pro.

If you look at the pricing you will see that the PA Pro central unit is quite cost effective versus the expansion units. Then when it comes to communication over modem there are two ways either RS232 modems for single PA Pros or Router modems for LAN with multiple PA Pros there is an added cost to the Router modem but for several PA Pros it is clearly much cheaper. The result is that there can be a cost effectiveness to expand the first PA Pro but if you move to two PA Pros then there is less cost advantage. Each PA Pro can handle maximum 100 analogue “channels” where maximum 50 can be on bus communication. Both the ClimaCheck software and ClimaCheck Online can be set up to take data from one source and split and present it to several analyses.

Where can I find the manuals?2023-11-27T11:21:00+01:00

Manuals are installed together with the software during a special help and libraries, and many can be downloaded on the website. Before the start of measurement, it is important that you have the correct template and the right equipment. Which equipment is needed, see the documents in the customer media center Templates & Flowcharts.

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