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    Webinar: Nordic Know-How #7 Cooling Systems

    Webinar ClimaCheck will present during the seventh Nordic Know-How, this time it ...

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    Watch ClimaCheck webinars “on demand”

    Re watch ClimaCheck webinars.

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    Avoided Emissions Framework – Level 1 Beta assessment ≈100MtCO₂e/year in 2030

    ClimaCheck Performance Analysis detects performance losses specifically in refrigeration processes in order to pinpoint where the deviations in the overall system occur.

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    Strengthen your sustainability strategy with Predictive maintenance

    Download the guide to learn more about how to implementing performance analysis for energy optimisation and predictive maintenance.

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    Learn more about the new guidelines for data collection

    The webinar is based on the new guidelines to structure data collection from International Energy Agency (IEA) Annex 52.

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    Chillventa 2022

    Exhibition Specialists from the refrigeration, AC & ventilation, architects and building services planners ...

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