ClimaCheck online

ClimaCheck online combines the benefits of the ClimaCheck Method and the “cloud”. By continuously analysing and monitoring the performance of your air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump system, you can boost energy efficiency!

Performance analysis

Key information available in real time

  • System efficiency index (including compressor, condenser and evaporator efficiency) gives in-depth performance information
  • Early warnings of deviations/degradation to avoid failures and downtime
  • Energy signature to track optimisation and identify degradations
  • Prerequisite for predictive maintenance

The ClimaCheck Method

Turns data into information

ClimaCheck turns data into actionable information. By implementing the innovative and unbiased ClimaCheck method, the data is analysed and this results in information that helps you improve the efficiency of all major components in your air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump system.

Performance deviation alerts warn of problems long before breakdowns occur

By monitoring efficiency and setting limits to alert you when performance drops, it is possible to fix problems long before a breakdown occurs. Detailed information is available to allow experts to support a huge number of sites to minimise energy consumption, failures and troubleshooting costs.

Flow charts, tables & graphs

Even the most complex systems can be evaluated in detail

By building a “digital twin” based on the unique ClimaCheck method, all information needed to optimise the system is available. It is also possible to share information from ClimaCheck with your present system to enhance it.

In-depth information is available in flow charts and as tables and graphs. With hundreds of templates available, even the most complex system can be evaluated in detail to pinpoint any deviations at the same level as advanced test rigs in a manufacturer’s facility.

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Our proven solution increase energy efficiency by 10-30% and reduce maintenance costs in any air conditioning, refrigeration or heat pump system!