Performance analysis
and monitoring of air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems

With our award-winning and proven method, it is possible to measure the performance of HVACR systems cost-effectively, enabling optimisation and predictive maintenance.

Detect deviations in HVACR systems

ClimaCheck Online

Use ClimaCheck online to continuously analyse and monitor the performance of your HVACR system.

ClimaCheck Onsite

ClimaCheck is a well-proven platform to validate performance and troubleshoot air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems.

ClimaCheck Services

We offer a wide range of services and support, from training of operating staff and experts to in-depth analyses to identify optimisation opportunities and weaknesses to avoid failures.

Automated fault detection and diagnostics

ClimaCheck provide benefits throughout the entire life cycle of the HVACR equipment

  • The development of new products is faster since the effects of design changes and adjustments can be seen and documented immediately during the test.
  • During commissioning, it is possible to verify that the system works according to the specifications and that all subsystems interact well. Documentation can be handed over to the customer/equipment owner, who receives confirmation that they got what they paid for.
  • Performance inspections are easier to fulfill. ClimaCheck’s information follows the requirements for inspection of air conditioning units over 12kW that are part of the energy declarations.
  • Performance analysis makes it possible to work with predictive maintenance by detecting deviations when they appear. This avoids performance drift as well as unnecessary energy consumption and wear.
  • Makes troubleshooting easier when operations are disrupted by quickly finding the faulty component.
  • Provides information to help with optimisation of existing equipment. The information can also be used as a base for new investments.

Detecting faults in your HVACR system

Operational staff only see the tip of the iceberg in terms of fault finding.


Routine maintenance will detect more problems


Expert maintenance will uncover even more.


Performance analysis by ClimaCheck reveals deviations when they happen, long before they are noticed by onsite staff.


How to get started with ClimaCheck?

Step 1

Book a meeting with us to identify the solution that best meets your needs

Step 2

A ClimaCheck partner connect and integrate ClimaCheck online

Step 3

The analysis starts immediately, making it possible to identify problems and plan measures

Step 4

Continuous analysis verifies the system to avoid performance drift and breakdowns

Talk to a ClimaCheck specialist

Our proven solution increase energy efficiency by 10-30% and reduce maintenance costs in any air conditioning, refrigeration or heat pump system!