Each ClimaCheck central unit “PA Pro” has 8 pressures and 8 temperatures on board and can be expanded with additional modules most common is the RTD04 with 4 temp. These are connected to the central unit with a “telephone cable” so they are easy to extend to get x*4 temp at some distance. This said wiring is expensive so distances put some limits on cost effectiveness. If you have two chillers close to each other it is clear you normally would connect these to one PA Pro. If they would be 50-100 m apart you would typically use 2 PA Pro.

If you look at the pricing you will see that the PA Pro central unit is quite cost effective versus the expansion units. Then when it comes to communication over modem there are two ways either RS232 modems for single PA Pros or Router modems for LAN with multiple PA Pros there is an added cost to the Router modem but for several PA Pros it is clearly much cheaper. The result is that there can be a cost effectiveness to expand the first PA Pro but if you move to two PA Pros then there is less cost advantage. Each PA Pro can handle maximum 100 analogue “channels” where maximum 50 can be on bus communication. Both the ClimaCheck software and ClimaCheck Online can be set up to take data from one source and split and present it to several analyses.