ClimaCheck PA Pro Fixed, EM24

With a permanently mounted ClimaCheck PA Pro you get continuous monitoring of the system which gives you complete information about the system’s performance over time.

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With ClimaCheck online you have the opportunity to monitor the cooling and air conditioning units and heat pumps from any computer or mobile device with internet access, which gives you immediate access to current data.

Get full access to your equipment and alarms by SMS or email if any reading is outside the predetermined limits. Data for any point of time can also be downloaded for detailed analyses.

Benefits with ClimaCheck online:
  • Knowing how a system is performing allows continuous monitoring of energy efficiency
  • If a compressor or heat exchanger performance fails, refrigerant leaks, or if the equipment’s “energy profile” changes adversely, the system automatically sends an alarm (email or SMS) regarding the changes
  • Detailed information about the problem is available via email or text messages anywhere, anytime
  • Access to detailed information for any expert with user name and password without risk for system integrity or IT safety.

In the box:

PA PRO Prefab in Plastic Housing, EM24, 3-row
Including: Central Unit PA Pro, Power Meter EM24 (277 – 830 VLL), pressure, temperature sensors
In plastic housing IP55, Size: 285 x 500 x 136 mm, w x h x d