EP Pro Scout

ClimaCheck EP Pro Scout with display, including cable/contact for RS485 and connector for 4 voltage cables

Manual (pdf)

SKU: 100460


ClimaCheck EP Scout is an energy power meter that will register all relevant electrical properties to analyse active power, current, voltage power factor and energy consumed by a refrigeration, airconditioning or heat pump system. It can be used for all electrical systems from 1 phase with neutral to 3 phases with or without neutral. It is a vital part to the ClimaCheck Performance Analyser systems.

Data is collected from the ClimaCheck EP Scout through Modbus/RS485, a bus protocol that allows communication over relatively long distances and also wireless communication modems can be used if required. Please consult Modbus communication manuals or contact ClimaCheck for further advice on special applications.

The ClimaCheck EP Scout was introduced to allow the use of Rogowski coils with the standard range of 5 to 4000 Amps as well as clamps with good accuracy on small systems with a range from 0.5 to 150 Amps. The EP Scout is powered by L1 and L2.

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