Modbus TCP/RTU Gateway

As the detailed and valuable energy and performance information is presented online, it is frequently desired to have key ClimaCheck parameters presented also in existing BMS/SCADA systems.

ClimaCheck ModbusTCP gateway offers an easy to integrate solution in most third party systems in such cases.

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Communication with BMS/Scada systems

The Climacheck ModbusTCP Gateway is a bridge between the Climacheck Online server and a local BMS/SCADA system. It is used to send and receive data between CC Online and an application running on a local network via ModbusTCP.

The Ethernet port is connected to the Internet, via a modem, router modem or a fixed connection. One of the other Ethernet ports is connected to the local network. 256 values/registers can be handled by the CC Gateway.

Operating mode

The CC Gateway can send and receive data in several different ways:

1. Data from BMS/SCADA to Climacheck Online

  • All data is written in the Gateway by the BMS/SCADA system and then sent to
    Climacheck Online.
  • Some data is written in the Gateway by the BMS/SCADA system, some data
    comes from a PA Pro unit. The gateway gathers the data from both units and send
    to Climacheck Online.

2. Data from Climacheck Online to BMS/SCADA.

  • Data is sent to the Gateway from Climacheck Online and read by the BMS/SCADA system.

The CC Gateway is also capable of a combination of the above described operating modes where values that are written in the Gateway is sent to Climacheck Online and, simultaneously, calculated results are sent back and read by the BMS/SCADA system.