Snap-on CT for EP Pro Scout

 20 A, hole 10 mm or 100 A, hole 32 mm

The hinged “Mini” CTs are small, low cost current transformers with high accuracy (<0.5%) over a wide dynamic range with excellent phase shift.

Product information (pdf)

SKU: 400524


The hinged CT’s “Minis” are ideal where space is limited such as when metering multiple loads within a panel board. Use for current measurement, energy metering, load surveys, demand metering, energy research, and submetering.

Key Specifications
  • Window Size 0.4” (10 mm)
  • Current Range* 0.25  40A AC
  • Output 333 mV @ 20A AC ,16.65 mV/A AC
  • Ratio Error** <0.5% from 0.25 to 40A AC (typical)
  • Phase Error <1.5° from 1 to 40A AC
    <2° From 0.25 to 1A AC