Split-core Current Transf. for EM24

AC Current Transformer (max 51×15 mm bus-bar), Type CTD-3X

  • Cable/Bus-bar type current transformer with DIN-rail/busbar and panel mounting facility
  • Rated primary currents from 50 A to 1200 A.

Product information (pdf)

SKU: 400416


  • Bus-bar type current transformer
  • 0.5 class, currents from 50 to 1200 A
  • Integrated DIN-rail mounting holder
  • Removable panel fixing clips
  • Up to 6 Bus-bar isolated fixing screws
  • Double screw terminals (up to 8-wire connections)
  • Sealable terminal block covers

Additional information


250:5 A, hole 26×32 mm

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