ClimaCheck is not only used to as a tool to optimise energy efficiency . The method is also used to monitor, analyse changes, evaluate new technologies, confirm performance and in R&D projects in the whole HVACR-business. 
Here you can find some of the reports and publications that is made.  

Refrigeration End-Use Performance Data Share
BPA recognizes Commercial Refrigeration as an important end use in the commercial energy savings portfolio for the region.

In 2012, the Energy Efficiency Engineering team became aware of a refrigeration performance monitoring system – ClimaCheck – and decided to use the equipment to monitor commercial refrigeration systems in the BPA region. 

Banner Health Implements Enterprise-wide Strategy to Maximize Energy Cost Savings, Meet Compliance and Patient Comfort Across 25 Hospital Facilities – LINK
ETC Group introduced a monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) program that was piloted at the Banner Thunderbird medical center in Phoenix. Significant annual savings was achieved for this initial pilot, including $449,000 in lower energy costs, and energy savings of 4.7 million kwh and 13,600 dtherms.

RM12-2798 High-Efficiency Rooftop Unit Replacement, Hawaii and Guam Energy Improvement Technology Demonstration Project

As part of its overall strategy to meet its energy goals, NAVFAC partnered with NREL to rapidly demonstrate and deploy cost-effective renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

Forskningsprojekt inom Energimyndighetens forskningsprogram E2B2 07/2017 

“Detta projekt visar att det finns mycket att vinna på en noggrann uppföljningsfas”

Länk för mer information

High-Impact Technology Catalyst: Technology Deployment Strategies

The energy savings opportunity in commercial buildings varies according to building type, systems, climate zone, construction type, and occupant density, among other factors. To translate this complexity and opportunity into actionable, strategic approaches, DOE’s Building Technologies Office (BTO) conducts a research, identification, and evaluation exercise.

Accelerate America #40 , p.18-20, 07/2018

“Early detection of faults is always cost effective and prevents long test periods from becoming useless.

Svensk Geoenergi NR 2 2017 , p.22 

– “Det är ofta SI och Så med mätning och uppföljning”, text by : Jörgen Olsson

Performance indicators for energy efficient supermarket buildings

Analysis can be done for example with equipment from ClimaCheck for a short interval or with a permanent installation with connection to the internet, so it is possible to follow the variation in performance. The ClimaCheck system also provides other valuable information about the performance of the system.

The future business opportunity of the service sector is to measure and optimise

– Paper, Klas BERGLÖF , Stavros D. Anagnostatos , Milano 2017

NREL – Evaluation of the Axiom Exergy Refrigeration Battery™ System

Future work should focus on directly measuring or better estimating thermal loads on the refrigeration systems. The following are suggested methods to improve thermal load predictions, which will minimize uncertainty in system sizing and help to further reduce risk to stakeholders:

1. Installation of a Climacheck (or similar) system to directly and accurately measure thermal loads on the refrigeration systems being analyzed.

Cool-Save best practice guide

Development and dissemination of cost-effective strategies to improve energy-efficiency in   cooling systems in the food and drink sector

Method and guidelines to establish System Efficiency Index during field measurements on air conditioning and heat pump systems.

Final report from System Efficiency Index project financed by Swedish Energy Agency 2014

pub3 slov

Experience from energy optimisation in refrigeration and air-conditioning plants through field measurements.

Paper presented at IIR conference in Slovakia 2013

pub1Performance inspections with innovative analysing equipment results in significant energy savings in air-conditioning and refrigiration systems

Paper presented at IIR World conference in Prague 2011


Energy Optimisation Potential through Improved Onsite Analysing Methods in Refrigeration

by John Arul and Mike Prakash
Master of Science Thesis
Masters Program in Sustainable Energy Engineering 2006, Department of Energy Technology Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden.

article5Report IEA Konferens Las Vegas 2005

Methods and potential for on-site performance validation of air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems.

Article 1ClimaCheck system reduces guesswork in air-conditioning inspections 

Article about ClimaCheck in Building Sustainable Design, December 2008

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