ClimaCheck one of seven selected companies in the Skyline program

By |Published On: 2023-04-24|

We are excited to inform you that we are one of seven companies selected in the Skyline program.

Skyline was launched in April and is hosted by Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce New York and the Swedish Energy Agency.  The project aims to introduce innovative energy solutions on the American market.

The buildings in New York City are according for over 70 percent of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and local climate laws like Local Law 97, increases the pressure to be sustainable. As well as it creates an opportunity to create a greener and more energy-efficient infrastructure. This rapidly increases the need and interest to increase competence and implement new innovations in the real estate sector in New York.

In earlier projects in USA, we have seen large savings for companies within many different sectors, such as supermarkets, hospitals, hospitality as well as governmental. Therefore, we are excited to get this opportunity to further spread our knowledge about energy optimisation in HVACR systems in USA. I am looking forward to show and inspire property owners in New York what our performance analysis enables.

As HVACR-systems are one of the biggest electricity consumers in many buildings, optimising theses will have a big impact and the savings can be reached quickly in many cases. Says Niklas, CEO of ClimaCheck

To see earlier projects, take a look at our case page.

If you can’t wait to meet us in New York, book a meeting or get more information regarding the Skyline program from Niklas

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