ClimaCheck is WWF’s Climate Solver 2011

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[Stockholm, Sweden, October 19, 2011.] Swedish clean tech company ClimaCheck was today named one of four Climate Solvers 2011 by WWF, the world’s leading environmental organisation.

ClimaCheck has developed solutions to analyse and optimise the functionality and performance of air conditioning and refrigeration systems and heat pumps, resulting in sharply reduced energy
consumption. The Climate Solver award is handed out to companies considered to have technology with the greatest potential to dramatically reduce carbon-dioxide emissions around the globe.

Air conditioning and refrigeration systems together consume 15-20% of the world’s electricity, contributing massively to global carbon dioxide emissions causing global warming. These systems often consume 10-40% more energy than intended due to short-comings in installation, use, and
maintenance. ClimaCheck’s solutions optimise the functionality of these systems.

ClimaCheck was earlier today named one of four Climate Solvers 2011 by the World Wide Fund for Nature, WWF, for its potential to contribute drastically to combating global warming. The award was presented at WWF’s annual Climate Solver Conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

“The whole team at ClimaCheck is very happy and proud to be given this recognition for our work in reducing one of the most environmentally harmful and wasteful practices in society today: mistuned and non-optimised cooling, freezing and heating equipment”, said Klas Berglöf, CEO, ClimaCheck.

“Conservative estimates show that it is possible to cut CO2 emissions by 72 million tons per year in ten years just in air conditioning with proper tools that improve the efficiency of refrigerators and air conditioners.”

“In addition, owners of this equipment will save a lot of money in reduced electricity bills.”

Established in 1961, the World Wide Fund for Nature, WWF, is the world’s leading environmental organisation with operations in more than 100 countries. WWF currently funds around 2,000 conservation projects globally and employs almost 4,000 people across the planet. (The fund was
formerly named the World Wildlife Fund, which remains its official name in Canada and the United States.)

The Climate Solver project is developed by WWF in order to strengthen the development and widespread use of technologies that can dramatically reduce carbon-dioxide emissions around the globe.

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More information about “Climate Solver

Climate Solver
As WWF’s innovation programme, Climate Solver aims to highlight innovative technologies that provide immediate and practical solutions to climate change. The Climate Solver Awards honour climate-smart entrepreneurs and businesses from China, India and the Nordic countries.

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