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When ClimaCheck was founded in 2004, some aspects of the HVACR industry were different, while others were similar to today’s praxis. The similarities can still be found in:

  • Business as usual “BAS”
  • Breakdowns still occur.
  • Systems often run unoptimised, leading to 10-30% increased energy consumption.

Many of these similarities haven’t changed, as the focus often is in maintaining or reaching the “right temperature” in HVACR systems. As long as that is done, the performance isn’t questioned.

Another aspect is the common (preventive and reactive) maintenance methods which haven’t developed much over the years. And as long as service arrives quickly after a breakdown, few equipment owners question the maintenance procedures, often leading to additional costs and breakdowns that could have been avoided.

Some of the differences can be found in the ways to integrate and collect data, as new technologies have developed over the years.

The differences.

Sensors, sensors everywhere! Today Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 have led to a vast increase of sensors all over, Chillers and Heat Pumps are no exception. Combined with “the cloud” a lot of the data to analyse is available.

This, to some extent, creates a false sense of security as many equipment owners invest in modern BMS and SCADA systems believing that more data automatically will change Business as usual and remove problems. However, more and more equipment owners learn that this is not the case, which creates a demand for new services.

ClimaCheck turns data into information with system integration.

ClimaCheck has supplied turnkey solutions (ClimaCheck onsite) since 2004 and since 2007 thousands of HVACR systems have been connected to ClimaCheck online to continuously get the performance analysed.

Over the years, more sensors have been added as standard and on request from the buyer. Leading to today, where many sensors already are available and ClimaCheck has continuously developed methods to integrate with different systems to analyse this data.

  • API / server to server communication. If your BMS / SCADA system collects all data and have the possibility to send it directly to ClimaCheck online via our API, you can get access to performance analysis from your present system without adding additional sensors or hardware. ClimaCheck online also makes data available so you can get real time performance information back into your BMS or SCADA system. Which adds a level of information that no BMS / SCADA systems offers today.
  • Modbus gateway, if your present system doesn’t have API compatibility, ClimaCheck can supply a gateway that send the data from the BMS or SCADA system to ClimaCheck online. If you miss sensors and can’t add them to the BMS or SCADA system, it is possible to add sensors directly on ClimaChecks gateway.

Performance information is actionable information!

To change business as usual and remove system failure and inefficient operations, performance information is crucial. By integrating ClimaCheck’s analysis and implement predictive maintenance it is possible.

The result: By having access to performance information, deviations are identified when they appear (Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics – AFDD), it is possible to change how maintenance is performed. Instead of working reactive or based on schedule (preventive) it is possible to work predictive.

As soon as a deviation is found it is possible to plan when to fix it and avoid performance drift and breakdowns. This reduces the risk of breakdowns as well as it often saves 10-30% energy. We have prepared a guide for you, that you can download here, that can help you in all necessary steps from collecting the right data, to analyse and use it.

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