Climate Week NYC 2023

By |Published On: 2023-09-29|

During Climate Week NYC, ClimaCheck was honoured to visit New York as part of the Skyline program. With initiatives such as the Inflation Reduction Act and Local Law 97 many companies need to change to comply with the new regulations. To reach a new level of sustainability both the city and companies within it, faces a situation where they need to do a transition where they reduce energy consumption etc.

ClimaChecks unique method to analyse performance in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems is a great fit in this transition. Both companies desiring to optimise existing systems as well as companies that want to ensure peak efficiency from the start in new systems, will benefit from performance analysis.

The impact of performance analysis has been documented by many organisations and companies, where substantial energy and economical savings have been reached. Don’t hesitate to contact us for information.

The skyline program.

The Swedish–American Chamber of Commerce in New York and the Swedish Energy Agency arrange the Skyline program and have chosen six Swedish Proptech companies to introduce their different technologies in New York. Together with ClimaCheck you can find Mestro, Sally R,, ProptechCoreMyrspoven AB, and Nordic Propeye, in the program.

During Climate Week NYC, all companies in the Skyline program have been showcasing their solutions to various leading companies and industrial members at Gateway. Roundtable discussions with sustainability experts from leading companies and organisations was held to share experience and create a deeper understanding for the industry and innovative technologies.

We at ClimaCheck want to thank everyone whose involvement transformed Climate Week NYC into an inspirational journey!

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