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Welcome to ClimaCheck’s International Training 2023!

The energy crisis in europe creates many challenges that affects everyone. Compared to many solutions energy efficiency is available today and can be implemented fast.  Due to the large energy consumption of HVACR system (20%+ Globally) optimising these will help to reduce the energy crisis. ClimaCheck’s International Training 2023 will therefore be more important than ever and it will be held in Stockholm, the 20-21 of April.

With new cooperation’s  and cutting edge projects this training will be an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences between experts from all over the world. During the two days training, you will get insight in the use of ClimaCheck and the opportunities enabled for energy optimisation as well as predictive maintenance.

In the end of 2022 it was concluded that reducing the energy consumption with 5% will be mandatory, this would also affect the electricity price. Taking HVACR system for granted is not an alternative anymore, for organisations that are serious with sustainability. Therefore, we will go through how to introduce predictive maintenance and energy optimisation in HVACR system.

Depending on your experience you can do the level 1 or level 2 training (max 20 participants per level).

Register by emailing us at: Training@ClimaCheck.com (last day to register is 10th of march)
If you registered before the 20th of January 2023, you get the early bird price.

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