Exciting Leadership Change at ClimaCheck

By |Published On: 2023-05-26|

Stockholm, Sweden – ClimaCheck, with the growing interest in our for performance analysis of HVACR systems, it is pleased to announce a new CEO.

With our unique ClimaCheck method we stand at the forefront of a global shift towards predictive maintenance and energy optimisation in the HVACR-industry. ClimaChecks performance analysis enables companies to work with predictive maintenance which reduces both costs, energy consumption, CO2 emission as well as breakdowns in HVACR systems. To fulfil our mission and maintain our position as the leading provider of performance analysis, we recognise the necessity for expansion.

Therefore, we’re excited to start a new chapter with our new CEO, Carl Johan Håkansson. With a Master Degree in Physics & Electronics and previous experience from related IoT industries as Technical Director, Vice President, and CEO, Carl Johan adds a lot of experience to the company.

“On behalf of our customers, employees and shareholders, we welcome Carl Johan on board to assist and drive the extraordinary growth opportunity for ClimaCheck in market driven by combined high demand in the HVACR industry for energy optimization, sustainability and the need for predictive maintenance.” – Anders Ingeström, Chairman of the board

Carl Johan will start after the summer, and acting CEO; Niklas will thereafter return to his role as Sales and Marketing Manager.

For further details on this appointment or any other enquiries, please contact Niklas

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