Indirect leak detection

By |Published On: 2020-03-26|

Use ClimaCheck online as an indirect leak detector.

With System Efficiency Index (SEI) and sub-efficiencies ClimaCheck online monitor multiple parameters and continuously analyse system performance. A change in the refrigerant charge will affect the performance and several parameters in the HVACR-system. By configure ClimaCheck online to indicate and send warnings on these changes, it work as an indirect leak detector.

Information about deviations will be sent directly to the designated person. Who then can, take the right measures and avoid breakdowns and refrigerant leaks. Working this way, will save time and money for the whole organisation.

When ClimaCheck online is configured for indirect leak detection, the amount of scheduled on site visits (for manual leak detection) can be decreased.

Red Circle – Leak detected
Green circle – Leak repaired

An essential function in predictive maintenance!

Early warnings are sent directly when performance changes, long before there is a significant capacity loss, or a failure. By having this information, it is possible to plan a visit long before the owner is aware of the problem. Knowing what the problem is, before going to site. Makes it possible to bring the required equipment to site at once, to fix the problem. To be as efficient as possible

In times where there is a limit in both accessibility and maybe in workforce efficiency is even more important. With 24/7 monitoring of performance, it is possible to work predictive maintenance .Which is more efficient than classical methods (reactive and preventive maintenance).

Early warnings are a base function in ClimaCheck online, if you have a system connected it is possible to set up alerts on all deviations. If you need help to get started, do not hesitate to contact us!

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