Energy optimization project

Energy Optimisation of Supermarkets in Italy


ClimaCheck’s monitoring systems are installed in more than 100 supermarkets offering continuous energy monitoring.

– €318 000 reduced energy cost (during 7 months)

Return on Investment – less than 3 months


To ensure that the new cooling and heating system works optimally, the system’s performance is analysed with ClimaCheck. Analysing performance makes it possible to monitor the system’s efficiency and partial efficiency. The analysis is then used as a basis for working with predictive maintenance, i.e., optimising the plant’s operation and reducing the risk of breakdowns and downtime.


After the initial demonstration on a supermarket in Milan, ClimaCheck performance analysers were installed as a pilot test on six supermarkets. A team of experts from the supermarket, their contractor and ClimaCheck evaluated the base line operation of each plant followed by optimisation measures that included:

  • Repair of compressors where isentropic efficiency is low.
  • Correction of charge level on the system that during some conditions proved to be over or undercharged.
  • Adjustment of controls to reduce energy consumption;
  • Reduce start and stop through optimisation of settings and time delays.
  • Avoid unnecessary low evaporation and minimize condensing through optimised set points.
  • Cleaning of condensers with high-temperature difference to ambient.
  • Adjustment of economisers


Total achieved savings for the seven month testperiod in these six stores were 318 000 Euro with a payback time of less than three months. After the pilot study around 100 stores has been equipped with fixed ClimaCheck monitoring systems.

Energy optimisation Supermarkets

ClimaCheck in Supermarkets

ClimaCheck Performance Analysers have proven to save energy in supermarkets around the world. The system is used both for inspections, troubleshooting and permanent monitoring. ClimaCheck’s monitoring systems are installed in more than 100 supermarkets offering continuous energy monitoring versus the systems “energy profile”. Furthermore, the early warning system notifies via SMS and e-mails if any system component loose performance.

In Sweden the leading supermarket chains require that performance is measured and documented at commissioning in accordance with the guidelines. Using ClimaCheck’s field measurement system, performance is validated in relation to specifications. Commissioning with detailed documentation of the refrigeration process minimises future unnecessary service calls and warranty costs.

The ClimaCheck Performance Analyser

Approximately 20% of total world electricity consumption is used for refrigeration and air-conditioning and in many operations cooling can represent more than 50% of the entire electricity cost. The unique, patented and award-winning ClimaCheck method offers an easy and accurate way for analysing virtually any system. The ClimaCheck method provides several advantages:

  • Reduced electricity consumption by 10-40%.
  • Reduced environmental impact.
  • Reduced repair costs.
  • Longer plant life-time

Project details

Client: One of the major supermarket chains in Italy with several hundred stores.
System: The monitored equipment is refrigeration low and medium temperature racks with between two and six reciprocating semi hermetic
compressors in each. Some systems are equipped with heat recovery and a few have economiser.

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