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    COOL-SAVE – Energy audit report and energy saving strategies

    Measurements show that performance and reliability can be significantly improved by low or relatively low cost measurements as listed below. Several of the measures are required to ensure reliability and life time expectancy of the system but will significantly improve the performance as well.

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    45,000 sq.ft. Grocery Store

    The estimated yearly energy consumption of the Refrigeration System is now approximately 654,000 kWh which represents an energy saving of approximately 123,000kWh per year (approximately 16% energy saving)

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    Supermarket, Portland, Oregon

    Measurements supervised and analyzed by third party consultants over the following week, with similar climate conditions, proved that an energy saving of 25% had been achieved.

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    Energy Optimisation of Supermarkets in Italy

    ClimaCheck’s monitoring systems are installed in more than 100 supermarkets offering continuous energy monitoring.

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