Energy optimisation project

EWS “tune up” cuts energy losses and reduces carbon emissions


With FM managers under pressure to reduce emissions, energy consumption and maintenance bills. Eaton-Williams Service (EWS) has responded with an HVAC optimisation service to help customers maximise their plant’s efficiency.

– 10% on energy consumption

– 460 tons of CO2

– 350 000 kWh/year

The EWS Health Check and Optimisation service is based around ClimaCheck, a plant diagnostics instrument that measures the COP (Coefficient of Performance) of any piece of air conditioning or refrigeration plant. enabling EWS to adjust each part of a system to provide an overall improvement of efficiency

Energy savings

EWS can help companies save at least 10% on their energy consumption. A computer room for example with 400 kWh of cooling running 24/7 enhanced by 10% will save around 350 000 kWh per year of £29 200 on energy costs. This represents 460 tons of CO2

The process can be likened to tuning a car.“ says ray Paice. EWS National Sales manager. “Once tuned. a car s overall performance will improve. ClimaCheck does exactly the same for HVAC plant. ’”

ClimaCheck can be used with any size air conditioning system regardless of refrigerant type or cooling medium. It takes one of EWS specialist engineers approximately 30 minutes to connect the ClimaCheck analyser to the plant and measure performance. As there is no need to shut down the plant. buildings or processes can continue uninterrupted.

An optimisation plan will be implemented based on the data analysed by the engineer. For large and/or complex systems EWS provides a proposed plan if preferred before undertaking any optimising.

Detailed reports are supplied as standard before and after optimisation takes. highlighting any defects oi potential faults.

Further savings

Savings of more than 50% can be achieved by fitting the latest inverter drives to HVAC systems. For example one company reduced its power consumption from 450.00kWh per year down to 120.000kWh. shaving £18.900 of its energy bill and 158 tons of CO2

“Applying EWS” optimisation service to a large or small installation can achieve a very quick return on investment and is a major aid in helping customers reduce their carbon footprints. says Ray.

Key benefits:

  • Efficiency improvements mean genuine running cost savings
  • Carbon footprint contributions
  • Excellent return on investment
  • System performance history can be maintained
  • Configuration can continue to be optimised as performance requirements or equipment changes
  • Scheduled health checks can be planned or built into your maintenance contract
  • Size of system is irrelevant
  • EU and future legislation can be complied with

Eaton-Williams is now days a part of the Nortek Global HVAC family
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Project details

Client: Data center
Project Manager: Eaton-Williams Service (EWS)
System: “400 kWh cooling”

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