Energy optimisation project

McKay Dee Medical Center


Intermountain Healthcare (IH) is the largest healthcare provider in the Intermountain West.

Improved performance

– $24,255/year

-411,100 kWh/year

Intermountain Healthcare (IH) is the largest healthcare provider in the Intermountain West. ETC Group partnered with IH to improve the energy efficiency and operation of their facilities which are primarily hospitals, but also include clinics and medical office buildings, located throughout the State of Utah and Idaho.

IH requested ETC Group to provide chiller plant testing and analysis using ClimaCheck on 3 chillers at the McKay Dee Medical Center. Engineers coordinated with operations staff to determine prior maintenance and design specifications. This testing method uses thermodynamic evaluation to produce an accurate and unbiased performance analysis. ClimaCheck sensors were attached, the chiller was brought to full load and data was collected and analyzed including:

  • COP
  • Capacity
  • Compressor efficiency
  • Approach temperatures
  • Other vital performance indicators

Our report identified the chillers were operating less efficiently than designed and recommended measures to improve performance. Corrective measures included controls tuning, adjustments to CHW and CW flow, low chiller refrigerant replacement and condenser tube fouling. We also provided insight into the operational nature (negative pressure) of Trane chillers and how purge units can affect refrigerant levels

Corrective Measures

  • Controls tuning
  • Adjustments to CHW and CW flow
  • Low chiller refrigerant replacement
  • Condenser tube fouling

Annual Savings

  • 411,100 kWh/year
  •  $24,255/year


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Project details

Client: Intermountain Healthcare
Building type: Hospital
Size: 792,000 ft2
Project Manager: ETC Group
System: 3 Chillers

Hospital Energy Optimisation Chillers

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