Upcoming changes – End of PaProII

By |Published On: 2022-05-19|

The development in IT is fast and new technologies are replacing old ones. This is of course the case for us at ClimaCheck as well – we develop and adapt to new conditions with new technology to improve our products.

At one point this includes that we need to phase out old equipment. This means that ClimaCheck will end to support PaProII hardware (this hardware has not been sold since 2017).

We will not reconfigure existing PaProII installations. Furthermore, new ClimaCheck software will not be built to receive data transmitted from PaProII hardware.

ClimaCheck will not actively disable or turn off any PaProII, nor do we have a plan to do this, but we cannot guarantee that the PaProII units stay online or are able to be recovered if they would malfunction or fail in transmitting data.

These issues are not affecting our newer platforms.

Notable unmanageable changes

  • 2G and 3G networks over the world are being shut down, the PaProII does not have support for 4G or 5G which will be the new standards.
  • The UDP transmission is getting more unreliable and PaProII devices, even on cable-internet, can go offline due to internet infrastructure changes and no longer reach our servers.
  • The PaProII cannot send data in more modern technologies and is not possible to upgrade to send in more secure protocols.
  • The PaProII configuration and validation interface (installed locally on each PaProII) does not support modern browser technology.

Alternatives & Upgrades

Please get in contact with your ClimaCheck sales representative or ClimaCheck support about your specific project if you want help reviewing which of your sites that is affect.

ClimaCheck onsite (Portable)

Portable systems can be upgraded by ClimaCheck to our new platform PaProIII, this is combined with a health check of the portable systems sensors and integrity.

This will also secure that the potable will work with newer version of our PC software and Online services.

ClimaCheck online (Fixed installations)

Existing installations must be checked by our engineers for a custom-tailored upgrade suggestion. In general, those can be upgraded to PaProIII. This will in some cases require an update of existing sensors and the communication with the unit.

Several of the older fixed installations can be possible to migrate to solutions that integrate in current facility management systems using our API’s. This will reduce the amount of hardware needed and can decrease the price of an installation and provide more future-proof measurements and analyses.


We will end support of PaProII units 1/9 2022.

If you have any questions, contact us


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