ClimaCheck International Training 2024

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Welcome to ClimaCheck’s International Training 2024!

Energy efficiency, Optimisation, Automated fault detection and diagnostic (AFDD), Refrigerants, Predictive maintenance, Solution as a Service, Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0 are all factors that affect the HVACR industry. By not adapting and offer services based on these factors, companies’ risk to be left behind, and this has been seen many times before, e.g., Kodak, Nokia.

With new regulations on both documentation, energy efficiency and refrigerants the focus on HVACR systems increases. This new focus also highlights how business critical these systems are as well as it puts their electricity consumption on the table (20%+ globally), and 40-60% in buildings. Optimising these systems is, therefore, crucial for the sustainability of many companies! On a larger scale it will be necessary to reduce the energy consumption in HVACR systems, to get out of the present energy crisis.

To prepare you for this paradigms in the HVACR industry, we welcome you to ClimaCheck’s International Training. For two days (11-12 April), will give a direct insight in the transformation that is happening now. We will also give you an insight in the use of ClimaCheck, and the opportunities enabled for energy optimisation as well as predictive maintenance.

Do not miss this opportunity to hear about new cooperation’ and get insights from projects and experts from all over the world.

Date: 18-19 April 2024 (book the date!)
Register by emailing us at:
(last day to register is 5th of march)
Venue: TBA The training will be held in Stockholm.
Price: 560€ excl vat ( + 135 € VAT) (6500sek+moms)
Early bird price: 510€ excl vat (+ 125 € vat ) (5900sek+moms)
Registered before the 10th of January 2024, you get the early bird price.
A minimum number of participants is required to run the training.

This year’s training will be Level 2, with in depth focus on ClimaCheck based optimisation (predictive maintenance and energy optimisation). The training will develop your understanding how to analyse complex systems and how to implement predictive maintenance. It will also prepare you to help customers to be compliant with new regulations. EU has already concluded that reducing the energy consumption with 5% will be mandatory. Level 1 is mandatory. Practical experience from field measurements is recommended.

Key subjects:

  • Reduction of peak loads / peak shaving (New Projects)
    • Dynamic controls
  • Higher international and national pressure to work with Energy efficiency.
  • Optimisation, Benchmarking and Troubleshooting
  • Regulatory and standardisation and how it affects HVACR systems enables
    • Dena / Vinnova
    • Green recovery
    • Green new deal
  • Taxonomy and HVACR systems
  • Predictive Maintenance and Automated fault detection and diagnostic (AFDD)
    • Early warnings and Alerts
    • Analysis
  • New ClimaCheck platform
  • Deeper analysis of ClimaCheck data

Level 1 On-Demand

If you haven’t done level 1 and want to participate you will have a reduced price to do the On-Demand training. Level 1 focus on the basics of performance analysis of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump systems, including:

  • Measuring & verification with ClimaCheck on basic systems
  • Training in the use of ClimaCheck onsite and ClimaCheck light (hard- and software)
  • How to interpret results from measures
  • How to create a performance report on standard systems
  • A first introduction to ClimaCheck online


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