ClimaCheck news – Autumn 2019

By |Published On: 2019-11-08|

New Distributor

Klas Berglöf and Badr Elnashar

Welcome to the ClimaCheck Network, 360 Green Solutions as our distributor in Egypt.

Badr participated on our international training this year and recently visited Sweden again to do the ClimaCheck level 2!

Contact details to 360 Green Solutions:
Eng. Badr Elnashar
Phone: 1200727018 – 01205563873

News from the world

During the autumn we have been presenting at both National Energy Efficiency Conference (NEEC) in Singapore and the ASHRAE conference in Jakarta. Both with focus on energy efficiency and predictive maintenance within the HVACR-industry.

Big thanks to nEXERGY and the Swedish Energy Agency for the organisation around these events!


With a growing interest in Measurement and Verification (M&V), Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) and Predictive maintenance (PdM) the need of the right competence and tools are increasing rapidly!

Analysing performance with ClimaCheck’s unique method enables all the above on HVACR-systems. And the ClimaCheck Network are continuously working to train people in performance analysis. During the last five weeks, over 50 engineers and technicians from 31 different companies have been ClimaCheck certified.

By using ClimaCheck it possible to work with M&V, FDD and PdM and remove many of the challenges commonly connected to inefficient HVACR-systems. The economical and environmental benefits (cases) from this is increasing the interest and demand of performance analysis with ClimaCheck, globally.

Training at SEAS (the Singapore Sustainability Academy)
Lunch and Learn in Kuala Lumpur organised by Neena Gill, Cool Check Resources Sdn Bhd.
Energy efficiency seminar in Spain with Refriapp
Parking outside the ClimaCheck office during training day in Stockholm

Interested? It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you are interested in training, a lunch and learn, joining a seminar, use ClimaCheck on your HVACR system or want to be a part of the ClimaCheck Network. Contact us to get in touch the partner closest to you or book a demo!

ClimaCheck is looking forward to keep pushing energy efficiency and reliability in the HVACR-industry for a more sustainable future together with the ClimaCheck Network!

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  • ClimaCheck International Training 2024

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  • Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics: A Prerequisite for Predictive Maintenance

    Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics and Predictive maintenance represents a significant milestone in the drive towards operational efficiency, energy savings, and sustainability in HVACR systems.

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