ClimaCheck Ready: Streamlining Connections Across Platforms

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Our unique analysis enables predictive maintenance, Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics (AFDD) as well as it is essential for efficient energy optimisation. To ease the connection between platforms we introduce “ClimaCheck ready”. It is a “seal of approval” that is rewarded to companies that have prepared their products for ClimaCheck analysis. When a system is “ClimaCheck ready” you know that the right data is collected and can be sent to ClimaCheck online to start the crucial performance analysis.

ClimaCheck Ready Chillers and Heat Pumps

Chillers and Heat Pumps labelled as “ClimaCheck ready” come equipped with all necessary sensors for immediate connection to ClimaCheck online upon delivery. These units are designed for easy connection either via our API or through an additional gateway (provided with the unit). The supplier offers support to facilitate a smooth start-up process.

ClimaCheck Ready Platforms

Building Management Systems (BMS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems can seamlessly integrate with ClimaCheck online, enhancing their functionality. A ClimaCheck ready BMS or SCADA system can effortlessly share data with ClimaCheck online and is prepared to communicate via an API or share data to an gateway from the start. The system supplier will also help you with the data connection so you can get going quickly.

If you wonder what differences it is between data in BMS and SCADA systems, we have prepared this article for you. It highlights the difference between data and how the information from ClimaCheck complements the data in BMS and SCADA systems.

The ClimaCheck Ready Advantage

When you see the “ClimaCheck ready” logo, you know that the unit/platform is has compatibility with ClimaCheck online, simplifying the process to get ClimaChecks performance analysis going. It also signifies that the supplier of the unit or system is prepared and can help youwith the integration, ensuring you can access the performance analysis without delay.

Engage with ClimaCheck Ready Companies and Products

Choosing ClimaCheck ready companies and products guarantees a streamlined, efficient approach to managing your energy systems. If you want to get a product ClimaCheck ready or require more  information, reach out directly to us so we can get you going.

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