Enrad is ClimaCheck ready!

By |Published On: 2024-01-25|

Today we are happy to announce that Enrad is ClimaCheck ready!

This means that, when you buy an Enrad heat pump it is already prepared with the necessary sensors as well as a direct connection to ClimaCheck online.

ClimaCheck and Enrad has a long relationship as Enrad uses ClimaCheck in their development and production test rigs. With ClimaCheck ready, Enrad takes one more step to ensure the highest quality and continuously high performance in the field.


Enrad is a market leading Swedish manufacturer of hydrocarbon Chillers and Heat Pumps. Their production is based around natural refrigerants such as propane. Recently Enrads leading position was recognised, when they were selected by DNV as they receive an order on 14.5MSEK.

For more information contact:

Andreas Bäckäng


ClimaCheck is the world leading company in performance analysis of chillers and heat pumps. The unique method of analysing cooling and heating processes enables continuous commissioning which can identifies deviations so they can be fixed long before they cause major breakdowns in the system.

For more information contact:

Carl-Johan Håkansson
ClimaCheck Sweden AB

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  • Enrad is ClimaCheck ready!

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