Niklas Berglöf has been appointed acting CEO of ClimaCheck Sweden.

By |Published On: 2022-08-02|

Niklas has worked at ClimaCheck as Sales and marketing manager since 2019 and will now take the roll as acting CEO and keep building our global network by establishing partnership with leading companies in our industry.

ClimaCheck is the global leader in performance analysing for optimisation and predictive maintenance in air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump systems. ClimaCheck offer solutions for 24/7 monitoring detecting any deviation of performance in the monitored systems as well as solutions for energy audits, inspections, optimisation, and troubleshooting.

With increasing focus on sustainability and rapid increases of electricity prices the HVACR sector that consumes 20% of the global electricity is in front of a paradigm shift as the digitalisation will drive maintenance from being reactive to becoming condition based to prevent faults rather than handling failures.

Questions regarding this can be taken with Executive Chairman of the board Anders Ingeström

Phone +46 70 1800 800

For solutions related to ClimaCheck, Niklas can be contacted on +46 70 230 88 05 or

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