Partnership evolution with Caverion!

By |Published On: 2023-03-02|

The partnership with Caverion have evolved and now covers multiple countries. A part of the partnership is the integration between ClimaCheck online and Caverions platform, to strengthen the solution with performance information such as System Efficiency index (SEI)

We look forward to work with Caverion in strengthening services with predictive maintenance and energy optimisation to all their customers. We have an ambitious plan to push efficiency and early warning capacity to realise the saving potential in our industry.  Niklas Berglöf, CEO, ClimaCheck

Caverion’s refrigeration automation is already being used, for example, in dozens of retail stores, warehouses and logistic centres around the Nordics. “Saving energy and making energy-wise decisions is a key priority for all our customers. With the help of ClimaCheck, we can offer our customers verified, detailed analysis and fact-based advice for optimal performance of the refrigeration equipment. We see great opportunities in this partnership, which will help to create sustainable impacts for our customers,” says Kari Sundbäck, Head of Services, Solutions, Digital​ and Sustainability at Caverion. – Read Caverion announcement.

To get more information contact:

Niklas Berglöf, CEO of ClimaCheck, tel. +4670 230 8805,

Jukka Hellman, Product Leader, Caverion tel. +358 40 849 6081,

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