ClimaCheck 20 Years and New Logo!

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For two decades, we have been leaders in performance analysis of chillers and heat pumps. Since 2004, when we were founded, both we and the world have evolved in many ways. However, the importance of System Efficiency Index (SEI) in efficient energy optimisation has not changed.

ClimaCheck onsite

Initially, we only delivered ClimaCheck onsite, a portable solution that enables anyone working with troubleshooting and performance inspection of chillers and heat pumps to see system performance in real time.

In less than one hour, all the necessary sensors can be installed, and real-time performance analysis is obtained. Which makes it possible to evaluate performance at the component level and identify the causes of problems and deviations.

This assists in troubleshooting, energy optimisation as well as documentation even in the most complex systems.

ClimaCheck online

Soon thereafter (2007), ClimaCheck online was introduced for online monitoring of chillers and heat pumps, enabling predictive maintenance. By continuously monitoring performance, all deviations are logged and reported back as early warnings long before the system triggers an alarm.

The development has of course advanced on many fronts, and today ClimaCheck can be integrated with existing systems and sensors, which simplifies installation in many systems.

New logo and the same passion!

To celebrate our first 20 years, we take the opportunity to update our logo. If you follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter, then you have probably already noticed the logo, as it has gradually made its appearance.

We look forward to continuing to offer groundbreaking solutions for energy optimisation and predictive maintenance with our partners!

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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