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With increasing costs for cooling, heating and ventilation, there is an increasing interest for correctly adjusted and optimized cooling, heating and air conditioning equipment. Optimizing often leads to considerable energy savings.

As an equipment owner you have the ability to reduce your energy and repair costs drastically by ensuring that your heat pumps, cooling and air conditioning equipment operate in an optimal fashion. Improved operational reliability also leads to more satisfied users and customers.

By using the unique technique that ClimaCheck has developed, you as a property owner can get precise answers as to how your equipment works. It will give you clear data as a basis for decisions on corrective measures, and can also give you evidence of the results of implemented improvements.

Active energy optimization efforts bring environmental benefits as well as improvements of the company’s public image.

As property owner, contractor or consultant who wish to minimize energy costs, maintain efficiency and improve the performance of facilities heat pumps and air conditioning.

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