• Buildings

    Air conditioning inspections in UK

    The measurements pinpointed that insufficient control of super heat at part-load operation was the cause of several earlier unexplained compressor failures.

  • Buildings, Ice rinks

    Ice rink that heats the football pitch year round – absolutely free!

    Thanks to a clever energy use strategy, waste heat from refrigerating the ice rink is used to heat the artificial turf football pitch. All measurement values are monitored and optimised with ClimaCheck.

  • Buildings

    Performance Analysis of Air-cooled chiller Carrier30RQ

    This review is done by ClimaCheck staff in Sweden as a demonstration to visualise capabilities of ClimaCheck online when used to analyse and optimise refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

  • Buildings, Data Center

    EWS “tune up” cuts energy losses and reduces carbon emissions

    With FM managers under pressure to reduce emissions, energy consumption and maintenance bills. Eaton-Williams Service (EWS) has responded with an HVAC optimisation service to help customers maximise their plant’s efficiency.

  • Buildings

    Washington County analyzes their AC units to save energy.

    The purpose of the analysis of these RTUs (Roof Top Units) was to establish a base line for future comparison, check efficiency, and make recommendations on maintenance, service, and optimization.

  • Buildings

    Akademiska Hus, KTH got a new cooling and heat pump system

    Akademiska Hus invested in a new cooling and heat pump system at KTH campus. To reduce its costs for heating and cooling, ClimaCheck was installed as part of the project.

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