Ice Rinks

The cooling system is critical in Ice rinks and arenas hosting them. The hardness of the ice is important to get the right speed, traction and experience from e.g. hockey players, figure skater or school children that spend the day on the rink.

The “climate” around the Ice Rink is affected by many factors but so, if the HVACR-system fails it will cause bad ice and a bad experience both for the “user” and the audience.

The energy consumption in ice rinks is high and the cooling aggregates are an essential part of the cost. Ensuring that the system runs optimal with ClimaCheck and don’t fail will save a lot of money and income losses connected to breakdowns.

In Sweden, the project “Stoppsladd” is identifying and presenting the energy consumption of different categories of ice rinks. ClimaCheck is part of this project in order to optimise and analyse the cooling aggregates.

Case studies ice rinks:

1 385 816 kWh1 263 352 kWhReduced
with 122 464
Days open per
258 Days315 DaysIncreased with 22%
2 7013 766Increased with 40%
Cost of energy
per reserved
424,6 SEK296,66 SEKReduced with 30% 
Energy consumption per 24hCa 4100 kWhCa 2500 kWh (Dec)Reduced with 1600kWh (39.1%)
Total Energy
546 000 kWh 
Reduced CO2
 218,8 Metric ton 

If you want to know more about how to minimise energy consumption, maintain energy efficiency and improve the performance of facilities heat pumps, chillers and air conditioning.

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