Time to upgrade to Version 6 and PaProIII!?

By |Published On: 2023-09-28|

Earlier this year, we launched Version 6 of the ClimaCheck onsite software, which significantly enhancing our performance analysis PC-software. This new version introduces fresh graphics and expands real-time information for analysing air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump (HVACR) systems, thereby reducing troubleshooting time and making it easier to find deviations compared to conventional methods.

Note that Version 6 requires a PaProIII. If you’re a PaProII user looking to upgrade, you’ll need to update your panel as well (though you can continue using the same sensors). For a limited time, you can take advantage of our special upgrade kit offer. Which upgrades both your software (from any of the earlier versions) and hardware, as well as it includes the Level 1 training.

Reach out to us or contact your ClimaCheck representative to learn more about pricing and details.

The new ClimaCheck onsite software includes:

  • An updated platform with increased calculation capacity, enhanced flexibility, and advanced HVACR system visualisation.
  • The possibility to add and customise your own graphs and tables with improved Excel compatibility, streamlining your HVACR data analysis.
  • A pressure-enthalpy chart to visualise the process.
  • Multiple tabs for two and three circuit systems to facilitate more efficient HVACR performance analysis.
  • Connection to ClimaCheck lite via Bluetooth sensors.

ClimaCheck onsite software presents all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real time, providing a comprehensive overview of your HVACR system’s performance in real time. These KPIs include:

  • System Efficiency Index – SEI Dashboard
  • Capacity/Energy Efficiency/COP (Coefficient of Performance)
  • Compressor efficiency
  • Condenser/Evaporator efficiency (inlet/outlet temperature differences)
  • Control functions (at different loads without expensive travel/data collection)
  • Expansion valve function (superheat values)
  • Verification of refrigerant charge and early detection of leaks

PaProIII Features

The PaProIII offers new communication capabilities, compared to PaProII (which was sold until 2017), with a built-in modem and WiFi, ensuring seamless connectivity. The large display enhances user interaction, and its capacity to handle an increased number of sensors which adds to its versatility.

Contact us to learn more.

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