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By |Published On: 2020-10-21|

We are now launching ”ClimaCheck certified systems” a service, where ClimaCheck can certify the performance and the operation of HVACR-systems. This to ensure that HVACR-systems perform as expected.

ClimaCheck will evaluate the system performance and support the owner with information so they can make sure that the system works. When the analysis is done, and the correct measures have been implemented and the performance is in line with the specified performance or “good practice” ClimaCheckwill Certify the performance.

The next step is to Certify the operation, so the system works reliable over time. In a system with proper control the energy consumption does not drift. This step can rely on the performance and can only be done if the performance has been checked and certified.

The last step is to keep monitor performance 24/7 and work with predictive maintenance as well as Automatic Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD) to avoid future failures and performance drift. This is a continuous co-operation between ClimaCheck, the equipment owner and a ClimaCheck partner.

The results we have seen so far is impressive and many companies’ have been able to accelerate tier work to reach environmental and economic goals faster.

We are always interested to talk more in depth what we can do to help your organisation, so if you are ready to take the next step. Do not hesitate to send me an email or a direct message here.

Know the performance – maximise the efficiency!

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