• Spring Update from the ClimaCheck network

    All around the world, partners from the ClimaCheck network works tirelessly to support equipment owners on their way to a more sustainable organisation

  • How to save energy by understanding the difference on data and information.

    When it comes to monitor and analyse performance of Refrigeration, […]

  • ClimaCheck Energy Report

    In a couple of days, you will see some updates […]

  • The price is what?!

    Electricity prices is increasing across Europe. Sweden is no exception, […]

  • Set the right maintenance standards for refrigeration and heat pump systems

    The whole world is talking about sustainability, the last IPCC […]

  • Nyhetsbrev Sommar 2021!

    Klimatfrågan borde stå högst på höstens agenda för alla. Så blev […]

  • Predictive maintenance, only benefits!

    You cannot change the weather - but you can avoid breakdowns in the chiller, during heatwaves! When a breakdown happens, it is too late!

  • Do not take performance for granted!

    Many equipment owners assume that their air conditioning and refrigeration […]

  • ClimaCheck certified systems

    We are now launching ”ClimaCheck certified systems” a service, where […]

  • International Training moved to September

    With the current situation, we have chosen to move our […]

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