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  • Ny sommar men samma problem med haverier?

    De senaste årens extremväder har inneburit många haverier i kylmaskiner […]

  • ClimaCheck Energirapport

    Om ett par dagar kommer du att se några uppdateringar […]

  • ClimaCheck Energy Report

    In a couple of days, you will see some updates […]

  • Checklist

    As a part of our guide, we have made this […]

  • Energy efficiency is more than a statement! 

    At COP26 in Glasgow it was concluded that the focus […]

  • Prediktivt underhåll och varför det är så viktigt!

    Industri 4.0 är en revolution som nu påverkar alla företag […]

  • Does your organisation waste energy and money to maintain cooling and heating? 

    HVACR systems – uses 30% to 60% of the electricity […]

  • New guidelines on data collection, from International Energy Agency (IEA-HPT) Annex 52 will help with optimisation of chillers and heat pumps

    The pressure to improve and upgrade HVACR systems performance is […]

  • How to avoid inefficient operations in HVACR systems

    When there is a need for heating and/or cooling the […]

  • How to implement Energy optimisation and Predictive maintenance, to be in line with COP26

    In the wake of COP26 some things where clear other […]

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